Vacation Watch

For a little peace of mind.

The Horizon Police Department offers to check on your property while you’re out of town on vacation or for any extended leave.  Police officers can also patrol your home or business if you are experiencing troubles at the location. While you are gone, our patrol units will inspect readily accessible areas of your home or property several times a week and look for suspicious activity such as unauthorized cars or persons. If any unusual activity is found, we will take the appropriate action and then contact you.  Code watches will be provided for a minimum of 4 days and a maximum of 4 weeks.  In cases of absences beyond 4 weeks our officers will check on the property once a week.

You may request this service in person or fill out the form below and drop it off at our station. This is a free service offered to our citizens to help fight crime and let you relax a little more while you're away.  If you happen to return home early, please let us know by phone or in-person as soon as possible so that we don't mistake you or your family for a suspicious person.  

Below is a small checklist of things to do before you leave on your vacation.  

  • At least one week prior to your departure fill out our code watch request form and turn it in.
  • Arrange for neighbors to remove mail, newspapers or notices from your residence daily.  For extended vacations notify the post office to hold or forward your mail and the newspaper company to suspend your service temporarily.
  • Also, for extended leaves, unplug the garage door motor but DO NOT disengage the emergency pull chain. 
  • If you can, shut water off to the house. 
  • Turn off switches to all kitchen range burners and the oven.  Disconnect small appliances. 
  • Lock all doors and windows. Use automatic night lights in appropriate rooms. 
  • If you have an alarm, don’t forget to set it.

Please note that patrol and vacation watches are subject to officer workload. Other police matters will take priority over these watches. For questions, call the Horizon Police Department at 915-852-1047.

Download Application Here

Download the application from here and turn it in at HCPD. 

Vacation Watch Request (pdf)